What are these dark spots on my Face?!

Sunspots (Aka) Age Spots are harmless but sometimes unsightly dark spots that appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin, most commonly on hands, face, and neck. They occur after repeated or chronic sun exposure AND will get worse, without proper sun protection.

What do I do to prevent more?

Stay out of the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause sunspots. The easiest way to avoid this damage is to just avoid sunlight. To be fair, avoiding the sun is easier said than done. If possible, avoid exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. as UV rays are strongest at these times.  Living in Washington, when we get sun, we want to be in it.  Who can blame us after our long winters.

Cover up

To avoid getting sunspots on the most common areas, cover up when you are out in the sun. Wide-brimmed hats, for example, can keep your face out of the sunlight. If you are bald, they can also protect your scalp from sunspots. Wear long sleeves while out in the sun to protect your arms from sunspots. If you want even more protection, certain clothing items can protect you from ultraviolet light damage. Wearing sunglasses can also help reduce the amount of UV rays hitting the areas around your eyes and face that the sunglasses cover.


If you are going to be out in the sun for longer periods of time without cover, your next best defense is sunscreen. Specifically, you want sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. You should also apply the sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before going out in the sun for it to take full effect.  Using a SPF in your makeup will also help but remember reapplying maybe necessary if you sweat or go in water.

Avoid smoking

This a general rule for many aspects of your health, but there are certain factors of smoking that apply to sunspots. Long-term smoking can cause your skin to age prematurely. That accelerated aging can help trigger sunspots.

Eat foods rich in Antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants are spinach, tomatoes, pomegranate, apples, garlic; just to name a few.

If you’ve tried all the natural remedies and done what you can to ensure no new ones pop up, The Healing Garden has a great line of products that can help with your anti-aging regimen.  Make an appointment today for your free Skin Care Consultation!

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