Summer Savings and Service Price Changes


Your friends at The Healing Garden Day Spa hope you’re enjoying the summer and making the most of these long, sometimes sunny days. Before we know it, our fall days will be full again. When we get busy, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. So, we’re taking care of business now, and bringing our rates into alignment with our expenses. Since our business is taking care of you, we’re extending our existing prices to our loyal customers until September. 

Some services will see a price increase beginning September 1, 2019, but until then, you can still purchase Healing Garden Massage packages and gift certificates at the lower prices. This means you can give and enjoy our services at the lower rates, well into the future. 

Call  425-292-0402 or come in before September 1, 2019 to take advantage of this special offer. 

Take Care of YOU! 
Packages, like Gift Certificates, do not expire. All massages will remain a full 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

New Pricing Begins September 1, 2019

30-Minute Massage  $60
60-Minute massage $90 
90-Minute massage:  $120 
120-Minute Massage $180

Chair massage $1.50 / minute
Old Massage Package Pricing  extended to September 1, 2019  

60-Minute Massage Packages

  • 5 Massage Package $360 (Savings of $45)

  • 10 Massage Package $720 (BONUS-FREE 30-Minute Massage Gift Certificate, total savings $150)

  • 20 Massage Package $1,440 (BONUS-FREE 60-Minute Massage Gift Certificate, total savings $270)

90-Minute Massage Packages

  • 5 Massage Package $585 (total savings $65)

  • 10 Massage Package $990 (BONUS-FREE 60-Minute Massage Gift Certificate, total savings $220)

  • 20 Massage Package $1,980 (BONUS-FREE 90-Minute Massage Gift Certificate, total savings $390)

Will the price of facials increase? 
All prices for facials will remain the same with a few exceptions. The Mini Facial will still be quite affordable at $68. Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Peels with Signature Facial and Acne Clarifying Facial will increase to $120. We can also accommodate additional extraction time for $1.50/ minute if you need a little extra outside of the allotted appointment time

Facial Package Bonus
Purchase 5 or more facials before September 1, 2019 to Receive 10% Off the old prices.

Thank you for choosing The Healing Garden for your
Massage and Skin Care needs!

Heather Ryah