Essences of the Holidays

It’s wonderful walking into a home that smells like the holidays. There are many Essential Oil blends that can make your home smell just like Christmas tree, gingerbread or spiced cider.

All the blends listed below can be put in a diffuser but if you don’t have one/don’t want one here are a few other ideas:

Place a few drops of Essential Oil on a cotton ball and place it in the bathroom, kitchen, drawer or wherever.

Place oils in a small pan/pot with water and allow to simmer lightly and steam. (Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t steam dry)

Pour boiling water in a glass bowl with oils and allow to steam thus releasing the essence of the oils

Put oils on unscented pine cones and use them as holiday decorations.

Spray bottles also work great. Add a few drops of oil to the bottle and fill the rest with water. Shake the bottle and spray on furniture, counters or simply into the air.

Christmas Tree

7 drops Douglas fir or fir needle

7 drops Spruce or Cypress

2 drops Cedar or Cinnamon

2 drops Orange

2 drops Nutmeg or Frankincense

Try any variation of the above


Holiday Boughs

     6 drops Balsam fir or Douglas fir

     3 drops Spruce or Cypress

     4 drops Pine



       6 drops Ginger

       5 drops Clove

       3 drops Nutmeg

       3 drops Cinnamon


Cider -n- Spice

       5 drops Ginger

4 drops Orange

1 drop Cinnamon

       1 drop Cloves

       2 drops Nutmeg


Christmas Cookies

       4 drops Peppermint

       4 drops Lemon

       5 drops Cinnamon


Cinnamon Spice

      3 drops Orange

2 drops Cinnamon

2 drops Clove bud

2 drops Ginger

(Great for tree cones)


Pumpkin Pie Spice

      5 drops Cinnamon

      2 drops Ginger

      2 drops Cloves

      2 drops Nutmeg

Heather Ryah