What is Couperose skin?

Couperose skin is a condition where redness appears due to the presence of small, dilated red blood vessels visible on the face. Rosacea is the worst condition of this skin type.  Couperose occurs due to poor elasticity of the capillary walls.  How does this happen?  Often this is hereditary, skin that is structurally thin and sensitive with weak capillary walls will contribute to Couperose skin, but also your environment.  People exposed to harsh cold, windy or extremely hot weather, can also contribute to the condition.   

Although, this may seem a bit dull, knowing where you’re at this is spectrum can help you treat the condition.  There are three specific conditions of Couperose skin:



(Also known as “spider veins”)



Skin redness, non-visible, individual capillaries, constant flushing that could eventually show like Telangiectasia.   Some people feel stinging, burning, swelling and roughness.




Systemic disorder, includes hyperemia with acne like papule and pustule formations.  Often scaly, rough with an orange peel texture.  Inflammation can cause heat and dehydration


Intrinsic causes of capillary problems:

  • Genetics

  • Frequent blushing can place stress on already weakened capillaries

  • Hormonal and nervous disorders can raise blood pressure levels, causing facial redness.

  • Diet can play a role in capillary problems.  Hot, spicy, foods, along with alcohol can contribute to excessive redness. 

  • Of course, we can’t forget aging.  As our body ages, the capillaries become weaker and less elastic. 

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The extrinsic causes of capillary problems:

  • Exposure to elements, such as windy, hot/cold environments break down barriers and can cause your skin to flush. 

  • Failure to wear sunscreen.  UV damage will break down the cellular structure of capillaries.

  • Physical and Chemical Irritations, harsh products can be a contributing to capillary weakness.

Although this skin condition can be both frustrating and uncomfortable, it’s treatable.  The objective to treating Couperose skin is to calm and soothe, strengthen the weakened capillaries, hydration and protection, we can help guide you to more beautiful skin. glo™ Skin Beauty has an array of skin care products that can calm and sooth skin your skin, starting with a sensitive, creamy cleanser.  glo’s™ Gentle Cream Cleanser and Calming Flower Mist is a perfect start to a new regimen – ingredients aren’t harsh nor do they dry out already compromised skin.  Not only can we help with product but we are here to educate you on home care as well.    

Our esthetician offers free skin care consulting if you have some concerns about your skin or make an appointment for some much needed pampering.

Heather Ryah